The WILL Trial Lawyers Approach

Trial Experience, Cost Effective Representation, Guidance and Support, Fighting for Justice, Free Initial Consultation

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The WILL Trial Lawyers Approach

Trial Experience

Our lawyers have successfully conducted trials at all levels of court. We know what it takes to prepare your case for court to achieve the best settlements and secure your financial future.

Cost Effective Representation

Litigation can be expensive. We take cases on a contingency basis, meaning you will not pay until we secure a settlement for you.

Guidance and Support

Navigating insurance claims can be overwhelming. You can trust our team to support and educate you along the way.

Fighting for Justice

Our lawyers tirelessly fight until justice is done. We are proud to stand up for vulnerable individuals to help them achieve justice and compensation.

Free Initial Consultation

Not sure if you have a case? Set up a consultation with our team of personal injury experts.

About Us

Experienced Advocates Focussed on Results

If you have been injured and need an experienced advocate on your side, contact us to see how we can help. We are proud of the results we have achieved for thousands of clients and will continue to fight tirelessly for every single client, no matter how complex or difficult the case.

“People come to us, usually its at the worst time of their life. They have been injured either as a result of a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall or having taken a pharmaceutical which is dangerous and causes damage, or a medical malpractice and sometimes it’s the family member that comes to us to find justice for a loved one who has passed away as the result of some negligence.

I have been able to help thousands of clients over the course of my career. We will fight everyday to advance their case, but we will settle the case if there is a reasonable settlement proposal and if there isn’t a reasonable settlement proposal, we will take that case to trial. If we have a case that we believe in, we will take it all the way in order to ensure our clients receive the justice they deserve.”

– Gary Will, Founding Partner

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